Subscribe: is the fusion of fantasy and reality. It fireballs the roof off other action and fantasy adventure role-playing games, melding together augmented reality trading cards, smart action figures, interchangeable accessories, and more.


A Large, Open World to Explore: Lightseekers takes place on the fantastical planet, Tantos. Unlike many other games, Tantos is not built from a series of small levels. We’ve taken great care to make Tantos a living, breathing, ever-changing world with thousands of hours of repeatable gameplay, that caters to the needs of even the most adventurous explorers.


The game focuses on the mysteries of the colossi, an ancient race that was lost to time hundreds of years ago in a devastating event that left the entire planet torn in two. The only remnants of these powerful beings are scattered ruins, powerful artefacts, and the giant rift that scars the planet.


In recent times, a new threat in the form of the umbron has awakened and they are taking a great interest in the colossi.

As a Lightseeker, it’s up to you to unravel the mysteries of the planet’s past and stop the evil umbron.


That is just a small part of the larger picture. Everyone you meet and all the different areas you explore have stories to be told. We have gone to great lengths to give the planet a coherent backstory from the perspective of all its many races and more will be revealed as the game evolves.

We are here to have fun. Any rude or hurtful comments made to anyone will be banned. Don’t do it 🙂

Intro Song: Dillon Francis – Get Low

Animated Drawing by: @luckiieweekly

“Music from Epidemic Sound IS AWESOME! – Lightseekers Gameplay – Ep. 1

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