Hey Guys And What’s Up This is MAH again

Month ago , you have asking me to do a new Best 100 of all time and you gave me you suggestion but it was hard tho to to find a better idea for my next video i tried all you suggestion but i actually failed maybe because it took me a lot of time to find bunch clips that fit in the best 100 it didn’t work out after all i guess because i was busy on my second channel u know ?

But because i’d never let you down guys and my channel about to hit 10K Subscribers i decided to make a bigger video and more awesome than the vids that i did it’s becuase i wanna thank you for your support and for your love and maybe you hate but you always encourage and help to figure out what my next video is

so yeah it’s a special 10k video

hope you enjoy it guys and thank you for everything 🙂

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so this is a a 100 omg moments that made you go holy sh** and it’s so dangerous some of them are unforgettable and other that we totally missed of forgot those moments t hat define the time where wwe goes extreme and no wonder why most of the moments from the attitude era or ruthless aggression

it could tables , ladders , chairs , brutal moves , high jumps or leap of faith crazy moves , awesome counter moves or maybe moves that goes extremely wrong or we can called dangerous botching from undertaker throws Mankind off the cell through the table to shane McMahon and his crazy jump to edge brutal spear and jeff hardy extreme moments and some of the insane EC W moments too and other PG Era crap but when you really talks about those dangerous stunts you have to start talking about the guys that performed it the most who are famous for there crazy and extreme moments well you have Mick Foley The hardcore legend Jeff Hardy the extreme high flye RVD who came from the home of extreme ECW , Edge , the Dudley Boys those guys that put their body on the line and injured to just entertain the fans it’s so dangerous that could be the end of your career everytime you perform a new dangerous spot you gotta respect those legends for what they did and not help but raise your hand and clap for them

Thank you for watching and see you next time

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