Here are some of the best and most creative military paint jobs seen from awesome anime pieces to the best animal designs!

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Nose Art carried over into the Vietnam war as well as we can tell from this photo. This skeleton here was equipped with a machine gun most likely to strike some fear into the enemies. This was drawn on a AC-130 gunship that is equipped with two 20mm M61 Vulcan cannons and a large arsenal of guns to take out enemy troops on the ground. This one here is stationed in Hurlburt, Florida. Nose art at this time, seemingly evolved from pretty women to downright creepy, as were about to see.

10. The Crystal Ship

The Vietnam nose art turned a little more grim, possibly because they could tell that the war wasn’t really going anywhere and no one was winning, and you can tell from the paint jobs. More psychoactive drugs that were available at this time could have had an influence as well. The crystal ship was an early primitive helicopter sent into battle. It featured a fairly similar nose paint job to one that was commonly used in world war II but for some reason it looks much more eery with the large fangs coming out.

9. The Negotiator

The soldiers often felt less motivated to fight in the Vietnam War and the commitment to the country was seemingly not there. This was also reflected in the artwork . With the protesters back at home, not really supporting the war, the artwork was also focused on them and not the enemy. One of the more grim images that appeared was the Negotiator, who was dressed up in a top hat and cane. Although skeletons have been placed on planes before, this one had a much deeper message. They felt more like bringers of death, than heros and that our government lacked any ability to negotiate.

8. Damage Inc.

As weapons like napalm and agent orange were being used, soldiers were exposed to quite a bit of carnage that was just different than the kind in world war 2. Damage Inc was a clear example of a change of attitude among the soldiers fighting Vietnam War. A pilot from the era believed one of the reasons for the change from world war II was because more and more pilots were older and because they held graduates degrees.

7. Midnight Marauder

The Midnight Marauder was also another depiction of the grim art at this time and featured a grim reaper on horseback. More mature men at this time avoided the sexually oriented art and often had children or wives they were eager to see at home. The artwork in the past had often been overlooked by military officials but not there was a little more scrutiny on the practice. Only a few companies were allowed too and many of them were quite morbid when they painted their planes.

6. Mi-24

Occasionally, even Russia will partake in nose art. This design features a fierce Siberian Tiger popping out of the cockpit and people should really watch out for this one! This helicopter known as the MI-24 has been in operation since 1972 by the Soviet Union and its successors, along with 30 other nations. Soviet pilots nicknamed it the flying tank due to it’s heavy armor. It’s unofficial nickname is the Krocadil due its camouflage scheme.

5. Eagle MI-24

This is also a detailed painting on an MI-24 and it’s country of origin is unknown. The USA doesn’t typically buy Russian made helicopters so it’s most likely not from America as you might have been thinking! Eagles actually do exist in other countries but the Northwest coast of North America is by far their greatest stronghold.

4. Gulf War Paint jobs

Creative nose art designs made somewhat of a comeback in the Gulf war as you can see from this photo. This fighter jet is given the mouth of a shark which was also a common design during world war two.

3. Sadman

This jet was given a quick paint job which depicted Saddam Hussein getting a quick, swift kick from British freedom. We’re sure it must have must have struck fear into the Iraqis. The Sepecat which stands for Société Européenne de Production de l’Avion d’École de Combat et d’Appui Tactique has been used by the French and British A==ir Force. These have seen combat on numerous fronts. During the Gulf War, it was praised for its reliability.

2. German Air Force Painting

These iron birds in the sky, are give a nifty zebra print paint job by the German Military. The 4657 Panavia Tornado is one heck of a combat aircraft used by multiple air forces in Europe and in Saudi Arabia. It’s seen combat in the Bosnian War, the Iraq War and Libyan Civil war and small roles in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

1. Flying Tiger

This looks like it might be the personal jet for someone on the Bengals! This awesome Tiger paint job, might not look too incognito, but actually features a blue belly which makes it hard to detect from the ground.. In case you were wondering, yes, Canada does have an air force! This is part of it.

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